Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lee Chapel Flags

Mr. Lovell,

My family served on both sides of the American “Civil War”. It has been and is common throughout history to mark the graves or monuments of solders with their battle flags. It shows respect and pays honor for the sacrifice. Robert E. Lee not only served his country well, he answered the call of his lawfully elected governor and served his sovereign state most honorably. Having done all he could do to save his state from outside aggression, he devoted his energies and talents to saving your honorable institution of learning. 

I find it most detestable that the battle flags that Robert E. Lee and the noble men of the Army of Virginia served under have been removed from this well deserved monument. The battle flags of Union troops still fly over the cemeteries and monuments in the south because the people of the south are a very gracious people. How can it be that this simple symbol of honor, a solders flag, could be removed from the monument of one of Virginia’s finest?

Please restore the flags before your own honor is sullied anymore.


Tim Borron
403 Park Ave.
Buckner, MO.