Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Confederate message

Dear Chuck;
When people, including the media, try to pigeon hole or force us into their tiny box as Confederates, we need to bark as we well do. They try to force a false narrative about guilt for sins they are guilty of.  Our guilt is not from action or words, it is from perceptions. Some perceptions are made when an act of intolerable action, or ignorance, is allowed to be accepted as the norm. A classic case in point is the NAACP's declaration of war against all things Confederate in 1991. That ignorance is well on display today at places like the Lee Chapel at Washington and Lee University, or in Lee County Florida, where they tried to strike General Lee's likeness from a portrait at the courthouse.  It is also on display at the Citadel, where the Confederate Navel Jack is honored where those people tried to have our battle flags removed, and the count go on and on.
To understand the issue we need to delve deeper. It seems hard to understand why anyone would like the monetary mess America finds itself in after now just over 100 years of Fed banking. The private bank has determined that policy for so long, and with its creative name, has about 99% of America hoodwinked. They are convinced of the necessity of a "Central bank" who controls theirs lives. How? By owning nearly all of the mortgage back securities through their underlings at Freddy and Fannie Mae, also Corporations that have no accountability to the people- but have the backing of those tax paying people. In fact, the generous American people are so good; they guarantee all of the risk and get none of the reward. We have to do that because they say we are guilty of things like racism and bigotry and never gave anyone other than ourselves a chance, or so they would have you believe.
These events all have a common denominator in the truth of American history believe it or not. In 1861, there were probably not a thousand people who would go to battle to protect slavery in America, yet by 1865, nearly a half a million Southern people had been exterminated. To find the truth you need to be prepared to be shocked and to seek the grace of our Lord. That is the only way to deal with these truths.
When our Confederate nation was snatched away from us, most understood it was necessary to comply with the central authority and we still do this. We never forgot our Country; a State centered government, whereas the local populace had control. We remember it as "consent of the governed". Is there any debate that this is what power hungry politicians and their lobby army has provided? Don't ask us to count the ways where they failed that test and the root was in 1865 when our Armies had no choice but to surrender, we never did.
The 3-legged stool, so often discussed within our community, MUST be taught to our children one and all. The deconstruction of the South, the creation of the banksters state (with the outsourcing of monetary policy), and finally the Marxist cultural revolution of the 1960's,  which allowed the Federal Government to spawn its agencies like a spider making eggs. Please note the Federal Reserve has as much "Federal" in it as Joe's Federal coffee shop.
The children need to understand the heroic action of people like Generals Lee and Jackson, to understand the sacrifice of Cleburne in his death charge, what it means to feel Confederate. That "feeling" also invites our new brothers and sisters into a cause that had no direct lineage to their struggle but wish to be Confederate because after all, Confederate is where your heart is at, not where your lineage was at. It is Southern by nature but bestowed with a grace of God. Many God fearing folk are now rushing into Confederate values once again and have no idea about the history. That is where we educate. We welcome the masses as they too have become victims of a centralized government gone out of control.
A people who longs for God will be protected. The 12 tribes of Israel, when God created them, were in fact a Confederacy of tribes. Why is God's plan so revoked by man?
Deo Vindice
Kevin Carroll
The Confederate Society