Monday, July 28, 2014

Removal of Flags from Gen. Lee's Tomb




Mr. Kenneth Ruscio

Washington and Lee University

204 West Washington Street

Lexington, Virginia 24450

Mr. Ruscio,

It was with great sadness that I read of your cowardly decision to bow to the demands of a few malcontented, liberal agitators and agree to their demand of removing the Confederate Battle Flags from the tomb of General Robert E. Lee.  Why must we Southerners give in to this cultural genocide?  We should NOT EVER give in to the demands of those who are brainwashed with revisionist history and who wish to wipe all symbols of our culture and proud heritage from the face of the earth. These "agitators" have the right to not like these flags.  They also have the right to attend a university where these flags are not displayed.  One should not expect to attend a university in the South, especially where a famous Confederate general is entombed, and not expect to see symbols of the culture and people he fought for. Why are these agitators not demonstrating against the flag that flew high above the New England slave trading ships which transported their ancestors from one set of slave owners in Africa to their new owners here in America?  That flag is Old Glory.

 It is absolutely disgusting to see people in authoritative positions, such as yours, who have the power to thwart such baseless attacks on our heritage just lay down, roll over, and give in to the demands of a very few.  The vast majority of people who approve of and desire the flag's display have no vote in this situation.  The only thing that seems to matter, in your mind, is that these few liberal Confederate-haters be appeased. If you cannot be man enough to stand up to this paltry attack on our heritage, then you certainly do not deserve to hold the same office as did our beloved General Robert E. Lee. You are a coward and a huge disgrace to the memory of all who wore the Confederate uniform and fought to repel the illegal invasion of the Yankee tyrant. My heart and mind grow weary with the continual attacks and genocide committed upon our culture and heritage, but my faith is in God and I will continue to fight this battle in honor of my ancestors to my dying day. History must be corrected, and if we cannot count upon people in high positions like yours to pull their weight in this matter, then such persons need to be removed from those positions.


Jeff Paulk
Tulsa, OK
SCV member of McIntosh Camp #1378