Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tampa Flag Site

To all,

In our ongoing commitment to providing historical flags and improving Confederate Memorial Park I wish to make the following offer to everyone.

The Early Camp installed 3 new 20 foot flag poles which display a variety of Confederate flags. Currently the First National , Hardee and Bonnie Blue were the first choices by sponsorship. These flags stimulate questions and interest in our constant mission to educate the public and folks who support us but may not be aware of a particular flags origin. The Cherokee Braves was recently sponsored by member Jerry Little and will be flying in a few weeks. Other sponsors include Jack Bolen, Hardee and Johnny Strickland, Bonnie Blue and First National.

Supporters are now offered the opportunity to sponsor a flag of their choice to fly at the park on one of the 3 poles. These flags are sewn 2 ply 600D nylon fabric which withstand the Florida weather for many months of wear. If you would like to participate in this benevolent project contact me when time permits and I will take care of the ordering process. The flags are 3' X 5' in size and we prefer you select a flag which is different from the normal flags we display.

A few suggestions include;

11 Star First National
13 Star First National
Kentucky Orphan Brigade
Army of the Trans Mississippi
Polk Battle
South Carolina Sovereignty
Van Dorn
Forrest Battle
Hood's Texas Brigade
RE Lee Headquarters
Choctaw Braves
Maxey's Regimental
2nd National

If you would like to sponsor a flag contact me and I will place the order. Cost is 38.00 per flag.

Forward the Colours

Mike Herring
Gen. Jubal A. Early Camp 556
813 681 6922