Sunday, July 27, 2014

Heritage Preservation Award

Thanks Billy Bearden for nominating me. What an honor and surprise.
Chuck Demastus

Congratulations on your being awarded the National SCV Distinguished Service Award/Medal. Much deserved and long overdue. *SALUTE*
Anyway, the back story is I had no idea you were SCV, so I nominated you for a 'Heritage Preservation Award' which covers SCV and Non SCV folks.
When the awards booklet was released, your name wasn't in the HPA section, but in the Distinguished Service Award section, which is the 3rd highest award to an SCV member. I had assumed that someone in the awards committee took my nomination, and upgraded it with their own knowledge of your efforts and saw you were SCV and viola.

Nominated for Heritage Preservation Award
We Confederate Heritage Activist old timers are well acquainted with Chuck Demastus, for it was in the days before Facebook, before Twitter, before smart phones that thru his famous emailed "Demastus List" which is more commonly known as "Southern Heritage News and Views" ( the heritage alerts, heritage violations, and assorted news important to the fighters would turn to learn where to aim our guns. He began his list in 1999, and he maintains it even today with the same vigor and publishing style. Chuck has launched a companion Facebook page, thus joining with modern social media. SHN&V is very important for learning about upcoming Confederate events, as well as newspaper articles needing attention – both positive and negative, and letters that people write to counter/praise editorials/articles. Information provided by historians like Bernard Thuersam is also a staple of his email newsletters. Chuck Demastus resides in Mississippi, and is most deserving and long overdue for recognition by an award such as this.
(I would request this come from the CiC)
Billy Bearden