Monday, July 28, 2014

Desecration of Lee Chapel - Take Two


I have read with concern about the removal of the flags from the memorial for one of your school's namesake's, Robert E. Lee.  It amazes me that an educational institution would succumb to the political correctness of a few students known as "The Committee".  A person of average intelligence would understand that a school named after a person (or persons in this case) would be celebrating the life and accomplishments of that person.  Were the members of "The Committee" able to pass the college entrance exam or were they accepted based up on their race?  Most grade school children know that Robert E. Lee represented the Confederate States of America.

I would request that the flags and memorabilia be placed back into their original positions.

It is an affront to educated people to try and ELIMINATE AMERICAN HISTORY just because a few people are offended.  There are a lot of things in our American history that "offend" me like, "black history" and "Union history" but I tolerate it because it is HISTORY.  Personally I don't understand why Martin Luther King, Jr. is celebrated.  He was a Socialist and an adulterer.  That flies in the face of the democratic ideals of this country and offends me morally.  BUT, it is history and whoever wants to celebrate it, go ahead.  I'm not asking that "their" history be eliminated.  I'm asking that MY history not be eliminated. We should learn about the entirety of our country's history, be it good or evil.  It is part of what makes the United States of America a great country.  I have cousins that fought and died for the Confederacy and my GG Grandfather lost his right foot in a battle in Virginia.  I have a personal interest in someone trying to eliminate my history.

An alternative view might be considered.  Since names and history seem to offend certain people, and to be politically correct, change the college name to Law University in Virginia Number One.  Remove all of the names of the buildings and streets and give them numbers.  Close ALL of the museums, since there would be no need to know or celebrate any history since that has now been deemed offensive.  Libraries would probably be extinct as well so close them too. Return ALL of the memorabilia to the descendants of the named buildings and streets.  There will be no need to know any history because we won't repeat the same mistakes or learn anything.  Don't get me started on "ethnic" names.

Let's just go with a generic Socialist society.

Joan Miller Cooper
Jacksonville, Florida
PROUD graduate of Jefferson Davis Middle School and Nathan Bedford Forrest High School