Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Desecration of Gen. Lee`s Tomb

To All...
From: cscitizen@windstream.net
If our Southern organizations that purport to represent us as Southerners cannot or will not sue W&L University over the desecration of Gen. Lee`s Tomb then they should press charges under the U.N`s section on Genocide. It clear states that the desecration or destruction of monuments, cemeteries, historical buildings, etc. ARE considered a part of genocide.
As much as I disapprove of much of what the U.N. does we would be foolish not to pursue this world recognized protection as Southerners are their own distinct culture & minority in the United States of America. These statistics are a fact.
Billy Price
From: Valerie Protopapas

Whether or not we could get "help" - and being mostly white, one supposes not - such an appeal to the UN will do one thing: it will establish the concept of cultural genocide with regard to the South! This is very important. Right now, most folks simply view this as a "civil rights" issue with the other side being the only ones with "civil rights."
From: cscitizen@windstream.net
When those among us who are scared or who are from the shallow end of the gene pool & are only in our groups for the ice cream socials get through laughing, sneering & jeering over my suggest that we approach the U.N. over genocidal practices against Southerners by the United States of America, consider this.
How many decades & centuries have we Southerners been treated differently by the U.S. government while at the same time they tell us out of the other side of their mouth we are all equally Americans? How many of our monuments, cemeteries or historical buildings have they protected? How long has it been O.K. for Southerners to be the butts of national jokes then are told we shouldn`t be offended but, don`t do the same things to other groups?
This list of offenses is endless & never ceasing. The facts are we are a distinct cultural minority within the borders of the United States & should demand we be treated the same as other cultural groups. Instead the U.S. government has spent all this time encouraging the historical cleansing of Southern history, heritage, culture & symbols. In short, they are erasing us as a people piece by piece, year after year. So laugh & yuck it up while you & yours disappear from planet earth.
The U.S. has done nothing but encourage this so, why not go on the worldwide record at the U.N. proclaiming the genocide committed against us? If our own government refuses to recognize or help us then this is about the last place to turn to if our Southern groups can stop fighting their turf wars & get over their ego trips long enough to do what they are supposed to be doing which, is represent the South & Southerners as a whole.
If you have any ideas that are more effective & will save such places as Gen. Lee`s Tomb at Washington & Lee University then by all means let's hear them. If not then lead, follow or get out of the way.
Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama
From: Joan Hough

Marvelous! Marvelous!

Let's make the world learn the truth that the first modern Holocaust was right here in America.  Let's expose the lies propagandized about Andersonville as what they were—lies!  Let's make Americans aware that the reason that Camp Douglas was erased in Chicago was because its truth made Andersonville look like kindergarten.   Let's get that horrible Ugly Rock by fake Southerners removed from in front of the Memorial for "some" of the Confederates murdered at Camp Douglas.

Let's get the truth out about the Marxist hailed redistribution of Southern property—-which Sherman did first and the military government did big time later during Reconstruction!

I'm nigh on to 84—- I'll go to the United Nations with any group…even if it is my last effort in the name of truth!

I do so despise the United Nations—-but am more than willing to use its name to make a much, much, much needed statement.

Now we have people insisting that the U.N. send watchers into our polls/precincts—- and nobody is complaining….so what do we have to lose?

I think your idea, a terrific one!