Saturday, July 12, 2014

LTTE: Virginia Flaggers Honor Ancestors Again


Many thanks to Colonial Height resident Jesse Harrup, Jr. for ANOTHER great Letter to the Editor...


Virginia Flaggers Honor Ancestors Again

To the Editor,

The Virginia Flaggers last week erected another commemoration to the memory of the Confederate States of America (CSA) soldiers who fought and died at Chancellorsville, the Wilderness, Fredericksburg, and other battles in that area. They have ensured that a flag, flown by CSA units in those battles, flies alongside I-95 in Fredericksburg. Of course, the expected hue and cry of those offended has again risen; primarily fomented by the Richmond mainstream media and certain always malcontent citizens of the area. To those people I say: you have no legal right, constitutional or legislative, nor any reason, to be offended, not only about flying the Confederate flag, but about anything in life, other than you choose to allow yourself to be.

You just as easily may choose: to be quiet about it, allow yourself to be unaffected by it, or any other such personal non-reactions. Should you choose to be offended I, and others with CSA ancestors, will choose to simply not care about your offense. So, the way I see it, we cancel each other out; so why expend the energy, angst, and stress to publicize your feelings of offense? If you stop, "we" will have no reaction whatsoever, and everyone lives peacefully.

Let me finish, by reminding the readers: not a single, zero, (0) slave was ever transported to America under a CSA flagged vessel; however, one of the flags that did fly over those vessels was the USA flag. Think of that as you commemorate slavery sites in Virginia and what flag you fly. We will now, yesterday, and in the future, always continue to honor our ancestors who fought for states rights, adherence to the constitution and at the request of their Virginia governor and legislators.

Let's bring some common sense back into our lives, this state and this country, by just being concerned with living life the best we can, and let some commemorate slavery, should they choose, and others commemorate their ancestors, if they so choose, with no offense chosen by any.  



Colonial Heights