Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Now that W&L University has caved in to the 6 "students" & gave them a partial ethnic cleansing of the South`s history by removing the Confederate Flags above Gen. Lee`s tombs, how long will it be before they are back demanding Gen. Lee`s remains are removed from the chapel?
This fight has just started as these types always come back wanting to take away another piece of our heritage, if not at W&L then somewhere else. However, in their first list of demands they did voice their disapproval of Gen. Lee`s & his remains being entombed in the chapel at W&L.
As I`ve stated many times before, when they run out of all remnants of the Old South to dispose of & we the descendants are the only thing left to remind them of those times I fully expect them to come for us & our children & grandchildren. Genocide has happened many times around the world at various times & we are not immune from it.
It will make the French Revolution look like child`s play so, learn to resist & fight back while you still have a winning chance.
Billy E. Price