Monday, July 14, 2014

Battle of Centralia

To all,

   This is a reminder of the Re-enactments of the Battle of Centralia is September 13 & 14 and Mount Zion. In cooperation with the Missouri Civil War Reenactor's Association, the event will be a "Maximum Effort" with a night firing of cannons. We are expecting a very large number of spectators for this two-day event. We would like to extend a personal invitation to the Sons of Confederate Veterans and should you like a tent or table set up for information and/or recruiting purposes, please notify us. We look forward to seeing you there.

Jack Chance, President of Friends of Centralia Battlefield.

Please put on your calendar.

Attn: H. V. "Bo" Traywick, Jr. Author of Empire of the Owls (Reflections on the North's War against Southern Secession)
Phone #: 1-804-241-5415
web site: empireoftheowls

Empire of the owls opens a window onto the past, carries us back to old Virginia and the old south and sings to us the Confederate epic in the voices of those who lived it. From John Brown's Raid through the war and Reconstruction, it speaks truth to power, challenges some long-cherished American myths and goes for in answering the "call" made to the scv by Gen. S.D. Lee. It is available at the scv bookstore,, Barnes and Noble and other selected bookstores. Copies signed by the author are available from the publisher at Dementi Books, Richmond publisher and Richmond Authors

Confederatly Yours,
Paul Lawrence,
 Mo. Div. Adjutant SCV