Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Stone Mountain

Just returned home from Stone Mountain this afternoon. Had a great time & packed a lot into two days. We rode the Skylift, the Duck, a military surplus amphibious vehicle & the train with my granddaughter. Saw the laser light show which has been technically updated & better. Although the content of the show itself contained too much P.C. stuff about M.L.K. Rosa Parks, etc.; which, has nothing to do with a park that was supposedly designed to commemorate & honor the Confederacy. Imagine the uproar if a laser light show was bounced off the surface of M.L.K`s tomb in Atlanta or any other monument dedicated to blacks expounding on any subject pertaining to the achievements of anyone besides blacks? Of course this is done to appease all the "democrats" that visit the park. Gotta be inclusive, diversified & put up a front of unity even though they would not tolerate this if the roles were reversed.
The 4th of July fireworks were great but, I wondered & worried if any of this would have future effects on the quality of the carving of our Confederate hero`s monument, can anyone say with certainty that it will not?
I did carry my granddaughter to Confederate Hall for the 24 minute film about the Battle of Atlanta which, she watched intensely. Also visit the plantation house, at her request & answered her many questions. She has shown a lot of interest in Confederate history to be almost 7 yrs. old. She wanted to watch Gone With The Wind several weeks ago & has been interested in the hoop skirts & plantation homes since then. This makes a great teaching opportunity & will not be squandered by me.