Friday, September 6, 2013

Message from Camp Adjutant Larry Yeatman


Wanted to give a reminder to guys who can make the monument dedication this Sunday. The event starts at 3 PM. Would like guys to get there at 2:20 pm so we can get our act together. Basically, I need 6-8 men who will act as color guard and honor guard. Come with a musket and three rounds. Come looking like Shelby 's men, as Handly was a Shelby rider. I'd say butter nut and cav boots.

I've attached the program. It says it is on Rt YY. YY is 4.6 miles south of I-70 on 13 hwy. You'll turn east on State Rt YY and go about 4 miles to the Zion Hill Methodist Church and Cemtery. Supposedly it is on the north side of the road.

I will try to send an email with a street address, but so far I do not have one and I can't find the church in searching the web. I think it's a small country type church.

If guys that can make this would, respond to me that you can.  I would say I'm currently short of my 6-8 man goal.  My email is

Bob, can you send this to all Scouts on the off chance I get some more takers. Robert Capps said he might be able to do this.

My cell is 816-728-2291, for anyone who has questions, and I will send out finalized directions, at least you know roughly where it is for planning purposes.

Larry Yeatman