Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Heritage 911 - 2nd Battle of Olustee - URGENT Your help needed NOW

Southerners (and friends),
An new heritage attack has been launched at Olustee (near Lake City, Florida).
In anticipation of the 150th anniversary of the battle that protected Florida's capital from falling, the Sons of Union Veterans has obtained approval from the State of Florida Parks Department to place an obscene obsidian obelisk  to the Federal invaders on the site where Southerners spilled their blood protecting Tallahassee from Capture.   
We fear the State may have a legal right to do so.  Therefore, in order to stop this we must win the war through citizen objection. 
Confederate Forces won the Battle in 1864 – but will we win the 2nd Battle of Olustee and prevent this menacing monument from disrupting this hallowed Southern soil?
We can and will – but only if you take action today!
ATTN FLORIDIANS:   PLEASE contact your legislators by PHONE and EMAIL .  Tell them you want the Park Service's plan STOPPED..enough is enough!  (see talking points below).
Here is a link to find your legislators (do both) - Senate:  http://www.flsenate.gov/  House of Representatives:  http://www.myfloridahouse.gov/
EVERONE:  Please send this request to everyone on your list and if you have face book, post it and then share it to your like-minded friends – especially ones IN FLORIDA.
Two monuments to Federal forces already exist on or adjacent to the site, but the SUV doesn't feel that is enough, and regrettably, park officials have ALREADY approved the plan for a large black Darth Vadar-esque shaft to disrupt the hallowed grown where Southern blood was spilled in defense of Florida and her allies in the Southern Confederacy.  Read more about their plans here:  www.dofsuvcw.org/images/Olustee_Monument6.ppt  (If you want to get mad).
Please note the MAIN MONUMENT was established by the State of Florida as a remembrance not only of the battle but to honor the fallen from both sides. THE SUV sought approval stating that the fact that there were Confederate monuments and no Federal monuments needs to be corrected.
Some Talking Points to consider:
• There's already a monument to Federal forces;
• The State of Florida placed a re-unification on the site over 100 years ago – why is this not enough?
• It is desecration of this land to keep building new monuments – should we have a field of monuments?  (Where will it stop?  Will we have one to each regiment?  Company?  The Irish?  The Scottish?  The Women?  The Bald?  The Gay?  The short?  The Tall?)
I'm sure you will have some good things to say, so please consider sharing your letter with me, so we can refine these points!
Here is a letter from an opponent of the plan for you to consider and re-word and use in your correspondence:
"To Whom It May Concern,
Regarding the proposed monument at Olustee:
I would ask you to please consider, the park is a place of mourning for those of us who are family members of soldiers who sacrificed all in that field.  It is hallowed ground.   It should be respected as such.  It is not an ordinary park.  It needs to be left alone now, out of respect for the dead.   I am a seventh generation Floridian, a direct descendant of Florida Pioneers.  I am also the proud descendant of a brave soldier who was a casualty of the Battle at Olustee.  He is my ancestor, his blood runs through my veins, and his blood is literally in that ground, on that battlefield.   To disturb that ground unnecessarily desecrates that ground, and disrespects my veteran ancestor's honorable service and sacrifice.  
There already exists a monument recognizing the Union dead.  And the Confederates.  It is enough.  Please.
As a minister, perhaps I have a unique perspective.  Men died on that field, brave men, honorable men.  Those veterans deserve a quiet rest now.     
As strongly as I can, I object to this proposed monument.  It disturbs the ground where men sacrificed their lives doing their duty, and they deserve the field where they fell to be quiet now.  
Nancy Markham Miller
A citizen of the State of Florida
A direct descendant of a soldier of the battle
A Florida Pioneer descendant
A Chaplain

Pictures and info about the existing monuments:
Text on the current Federal/Confederate/Battle Monument erected in 1912 by the Commission established by Florida Law:
"The Battle of Olustee was Fought on this Ground February 20th 1864
Between 50,000 Confederate Troops Commanded by General Joseph E. Finegan and 6,000 Federal Troops under General Truman Seymour.  
The Federals were defeated with a loss of 2,000 men.  The Confederate loss was less than 1,000."
There is also a Federal monument, not on the actual 3 acre State site; but in adjacent cemetery, that is accessible to the visitor while on the site.  http://www.flickr.com/photos/gatorsr1/7595046080/
Two very small monuments have been placed since this monument was built: 
Thank you for your support!
Lunelle Siegel
A Citizen for Respect for the Park