Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Confederate War College....have you visited it?

Hello Southern Patriots, 

The Confederate War College is at:,
and has a sister site on Facebook,

There are several purposes of the Confederate War College.  

First and foremost, the Confederate War College is about vindication of the Cause.  But we define vindication differently from the Heritage organizations.  We look at vindication as a present day effort to revive the Southern values, policies and issues of the past, minus slavery.  What this means is sifting through the Confederate Constitution for those policies and principles that could be applied to governing today.

So this is a political outfit of sorts.  We are not looking for ideas outside the Confederate Constitution, there is plenty there.  And since this is the only "southern" document ever voted on and accepted by the South, it is peculiarly unique as a source of Southern thinking.

In addition, the Confederate War College is interested in studying the military campaigns of the war.  But our emphasis is not that of the typical historian who has no experience in the military and no experience in actual military planning.  We study the battles using principles and analysis of land and sea commanders today.  Historians have never walked from Harrisburg, through Carlisle to Gettysburg in 90 degree heat so how can they appreciate what Ewell's men did on July 1st!  In fact, we hope to conduct classes that teach military analysis, planning and communication skills as they are taught in the U.S. Army today.

Lastly, we are an outfit that wants to bring the different people of the South together.  One of the big problems with the Southern movement is Southern ego.  If you can't work with the other guy or girl, if you can't subordinate yourself to the Cause...then you are the reason the South is impotent today.  There is no Southern consensus, and there is no credible group who reaches out to the South as it exists today...not as we wish it existed.    

So stop by and visit the The Confederate War College

And if you could be interested in actively being a part of the college, let me know.  It is a dream of mine to hold a gathering and conduct classes and meetings to further the Cause.  If you are up for it, let me know.

God Bless the South, 

Mark Vogl