Friday, September 20, 2013

Re: Joey Kennedy`s editorial


To the Editor:
In response to Joey Kennedy`s editorial about his first visit to Gettysburg battlefield & how difficult it was to hold the Union together. 150 years later you yankees still cannot get your lie straight as to why you invaded the south. Was it to preserve the Union or the 1863 excuse, to free the slaves?
The only thing wrong with the south is, 150 years later carpetbaggers like him dominate our media & pump out their daily anti - southern propaganda telling us what to think & believe and if we refuse to become galvanized yankees then we must be racists or a number of other terrible things according to the yankee mindset.
The only thing liberals like him see wrong with the South is that it's full of southerners, everything else about it they find acceptable. A few facts that always escape the comprehension of liberals is, less than 5% of southerners owned slaves, the rest were fighting for independence from an overbearing, monolithic government like we have today. Just as southerners had done in the Revolutionary War.
The U.S. Constitution was written by white Europeans for their white European descendants, were this not so every slave in America would have been immediately free. So what's the liberal answer to this Mr. Kennedy? Furthermore, had it not been for your greedy kinsmen in the New England states importing slaves with their vast shipping companies there would have been no slaves to sell to the south. Guess which flag flew from all slave ships, the American flag!
Slavery was dying as it was not cost effective until the greedy yankee Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin. He shares in the cause of that war as well. So stop trying to sell the snake oil of a story that the south & the south only is responsible for slavery when the facts are the rest of America is as much to blame if not more so than the south. Yankees enabled slavery while getting rich from it. Why do you never point out any of these contributing factors of prolonged slavery in America? I might add the Jim Crow laws after the war were borrowed directly from the Black Codes of the northern states.
The reason the south cannot get over the Civil War is the same reason it cannot get over 1963 and the Civil Rights Movement. There is always a white liberal journalist pointing out to us daily what evil, terrible people we are over both events. The reason you cannot afford for southerners to look to the future, instead of the past, is you cannot exploit that & blow it all out of its historical context & proportions.
If there is no racial turmoil & money to be made from your stories by a greedy yankee media full of carpetbaggers & scalawags then you are out of business & a job. God forbid you ever write about any historical facts that show the south as anything less than 100% pure evil.

Billy E. Price
Ashville, Al.