Sunday, September 8, 2013

Living Vindication of the Cause...

Hello patriots:

I wanted to write this morning about my view of Vindication of the Cause.

Since small boyhood I have been Southern in my view, and began thinking about the South and her Cause.  What was it? What was the Cause?  If we did not secede for slavery, why did the 13 states of the South, and Arizona bid the Union adieu?  I wrestled with that question as have so many you.  And from those wrestling matches came many answers; unfair taxes on the South, agriculture vs. commercial - industrial, differences over what a republic is, states' rights, and others I have not mentioned here.

But maybe the other day the Lord gave me the answer; the Constitution.

It could be that in the end, the people of that time were wrestling with the national identity and direction, as we are today.  It could be that one group of people saw the future in centralization of power and revising the meaning of the Constitution without due respect to the concept of amending the Constitution.  And it could be the other group clung to the Constitution as a baby clings to its blanket, having faith in that blanket to be a protective cover.

At least for the moment then, were someone to ask me why the South left, what was the Cause of secession I would respond the Constitution.

I do believe terrorism in the form of John Brown, and the terrorist activities of his financiers in New England were the spark, I do believe the call for mass violence in the South in the form of slave revolt was the electric charge which brought secession to light, but the Cause is Liberty and the Republic and the Constitution not interpreted by an activist Court.

So let's talk about a moment about "living vindication of the Cause."

Once again, I believe God is active in the recesses of my mind as a dream last night brought the following thoughts.

In the morning the flag of the United State rises, and if you are in the Armed Forces you come to attention and salute.  At school children rise to say the pledge.  At homes and towns across America, the flag rises.  But is that all that we do to live being American?

No, the entire rest of the day is left living being an American.  Whatever you do, whether its go to work, raise children, take care of personal business, clean the house.  Whatever it may be, you are living being America.

For me, this is what living Vindication means.  We are not Southern for a moment or a re-enactment.  We are not Southern only when Dixie plays.  We are Southern. We live Southern.  And in living Southern there is Christ, God always present.  God is essential to being Southern.  You may be an atheist in the South, but don't you dare do what Yankee atheists do and claim equality in your views.  This is God's House... when you pass on, you will not be with the South in God's Heaven and you are not at liberty to invite Satan here.

The Constitution of the Confederacy's first difference was the invitation to God to provide protection and guidance.  

As a Black Sheep I believe it is my job to bring the Cause to now, it my responsibility to praise Washington and Jefferson, and to articulate the arguments of Davis and Calhoun today, now.  If the SCV and UDC cannot be the defenders of Vindication then I am glad they no longer cared for my company.  Because today Vindication is a life and death thing, dwarfing all other aspects of being Southern.

America is in decline, our liberty is threatened, what was America is quickly dissolving.  For me, there has never been more a reason to be Southern than what is occurring in America today.  The political and culture wars rage, and secession is now resurfacing as a political tool that might be required if the genie of fascism cannot be forced back into the bottle.  In Colorado counties are voting on secession from the state!

In times of crisis we need mental clarity.  We need to know dark from light, we need to know where God wants us.  I believe God wants me where I am on Rebel Mountain, to write and speak to vindication of the Cause, and by doing so to defend the original Constitution and the inalienable rights given us by God.

Live Vindication.

God Bless the South,

Mark Vogl