Thursday, September 19, 2013

New Abbeville Lectures

Dear Friend of the Abbeville Institute,
The 15 lectures from the Eleventh (2013) Abbeville Summer School, "UNDERSTANDING THE SOUTH AND THE SOUTHERN TRADITION," are now available at and are FREE.
Lectures cover the origin and character of Southern literature, failure of mainline historians to understand the real moral challenge slavery posed to antebellum Americans (North and South), Chapman's paintings of the defenses of Ft. Sumter; Southern religion, the image of Robert E. Lee in his time and in ours, Southern view of the nature of political order, and much more. For a complete list of titles check "Listen to Lectures" under "Conferences."
You can download the lectures, or if you have a smart phone, listen to them on our Abbeville app. If you prefer CDs, they can be purchased from They make a wonderful gift, especially for students and for the person who has everything.
The lectures are free, but it is costly to produce them. If you believe in our mission, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to help fund student scholarships.
Check "Make a Donation" on the website, to see the options (automatic transfer, etc.) and premiums available for a contribution. Culture wars are won with ideas, and we must educate our youth and the public.
If you are not a member, consider becoming one. It is only $50 a year--a few cents over $4 a month.
Donald W. Livingston, President
Abbeville Institute