Thursday, September 12, 2013

Missouri 's Confederate Chaplains


I am pleased to announce that the Missouri Division Chaplain Corp has initiated what may be the first of its kind in the SCV.  The process has begun to raise the funds necessary to set a granite monument most likely at Jefferson City in memory of Missouri 's Confederate Chaplains.  The monument will be the same size as the MO State Guard monuments and of the same design.  Working closely with Division Chaplain Ollie Sappington, it has been decided that the "logo" that is on the ribbon of the SCV Christian Service Medal will be prominent on the monument.  Permission to use this design was sought from the National SCV Executive Council and approved.  Appropriate text for the monument is being worked on at this time.  This "logo" will be very Confederate and in full color by the way.

We have been in contact with Nixa Monument Company who has done numerous monuments for the Missouri Division and also for various camps in Missouri .  They know us and we know them and they have been very good to us in the past and we expect the same quality service.  Their initial estimate for this monument is $3300, and as mentioned above fund raising processes have begun with more information to follow at a later time.  If your camp or any individuals so desire, donations will be accepted at any time, checks to be made payable to Missouri Division - SCV.  This will not be the only source of funding however, and other options are being explored.  The MO Division will also invite the Missouri Society - MOSB to participate if they would like, and if so their name will also be included as co-erectors of the monument.

This is just an initial announcement, but the Chaplain Corp wanted to get at least this much information out now.  It is hoped that the monument can be place next Spring.

Darrell Maples - Commander
MO Division - SCV