Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Save the Memphis Confederate Parks

The Sons of Confederate Veterans in Memphis have been fighting the city over the attempt to change the names of Confederate Park , Forrest Park , and Jefferson Davis Park .  On September 25th we have our first court date.  This court event is to dismiss the city's contention that we do not have standing to sue the city over the parks.  Our attorneys and our members have really done our homework.  We have reams of information and past legal precedent to ensure that we can continue this fight. After we win this first skirmish, we will take the field and set our banner high for all to see!  I honestly believe they didn't think anyone would have the nerve to take them on.

Who would have thought there were so many Confederate descendants here?  They had no idea!
We of the Memphis Brigade and Citizens To Save Our Parks cannot express just how grateful we are for all your prayers and support.  Don't give up, keep the prayers coming especially now.  We need the support in your thoughts, prayers and monetary.  We have more than  exhausted our fight fund but continue to have fund raisers and drives to raise funds to help preserve these symbols of our Confederate past and heritage.  We will not stop, we will not give in, we will never let this travesty go on.  This fight will set a precedent across this nation. Our foes across the south are looking to this battle as a means to srtike down other Confederate monuments and symbols.

If this is not one of the key reasons for being a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, then there isn't one!

Please follow us on facebook  and visit our website at Citizenstosaveourparks.org.

Donate often, even a few dollars will help.  

Remember us and keep the skeer on 'em!

If you would care to forward this to your camps to help with the fight.

Thank you again for all you have done already!

Your Obedient Servant,

Mark Buchanan
President-Citizens to Save Our Parks
Memphis Brigade Commander
Lt. Commander Robert E. Lee Camp SCV, Germantown, TN