Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Good press from 2013 Higginsville Memorial Day

Hello all,
With the discussion about the confederate flag, and Higginsville's Confederate Memorial Cemetery, I just wanted to show a very positive newspaper article (which is attached as a jpeg) from the June 5, 2013 edition of the Platte County Landmark (a local paper from the northern edge of Little Dixie). This paper has a pretty good reach into Kansas City, and a substantial readership, and featured a full color photo of the cemetery with numerous Confederate flags on the front. The write-up featured what went on at the Higginsville Memorial Day, and did not dance around the subject of what our Missouri Confederate soldiers stood for. And in the end, there were no irate letters to the editor over this story – just the opposite. There was a lady who wrote a letter saying how happy she was that the topic was covered without any bias.
I for one can't help but think that the assaults on our flag and our ancestors is from a very small, but vocal minority who have managed to get themselves into leadership positions – and the rest just go along with the flow because they don't know any better. However, if enough of us speak up and show our resolve RIGHT NOW all across Missouri in regards to this, there's a good possibility we can make a difference in stopping future posturing and acts of oppression against our communities. If our ancestors stood up, I think we can have the guts to do as well – albeit in a small way - by writing letters to our newspapers, local leaders, educating our neighbors, and flying our flags whenever we can!