Thursday, September 12, 2013

VICTORY in South Georgia - the school & principal backed off and will let the young man wear his Confederate shirts

SORRY ABE, WE HAVE A VICTORY!!! Good news comes on a Friday! We have been working the past few weeks with an SCV family in South Georgia, whose 15 year old son attends the local government middle school. His Principal sent him home at the start of the school year for wearing a t-shirt bearing the flag of the 2nd American Revolution aka the Confederate Battle flag - even though, as is almost always the case, there was NO disruption caused by the shirt - and had been unofficial policy to ban for years. After consulting with the father, and arming the son with various "protest" shirts, we began the preparation for battle that almost always must end in litigation to succeed. First round however is always trying to work it out administratively with the school board. Well here's the Friday miracle - the school & principal backed off and will let the young man wear his Confederate shirts. In the 17 years we have done these cases, we can only think of 2 or 3 in the South that were favorably settled without a lawsuit. What's more this school is in the federal 11th circuit where the viciously anti-confederate Denno v Volusia County is the LAW of the circuit. Schools can ban our flag with impunity, if they want to. But not in this school - somebody in a position of authority was fair, still believed in the constitution was fair and did the right thing. God bless you whoever you were. So everyone have a glass of champagne - then back in the fight! Support us so we can do more! SLRC PO Box 1235 Black Mtn, NC 28711
Kirk D. Lyons
Chief Trial Counsel