Monday, September 23, 2013

Petition to change NB Forest name


Dear Chuck;

Here we go again! 

Here in Florida we have plenty of Yankees that migrate down here from the north because of better weather, nicer people, lower taxes, regulations and on and on.

The problem is when they come on down and try to change things to suit what their Yankee belief system has indoctrinated them in.

In Jacksonville, there is a school named NB Forest high school, it has always been that (one of my best friends went there) but the usual suspects have now shown up and are trying to change the name to Rosa Parks H.S.

Below is a clip to the story at the Florida Times union with an easy on line poll to click.

The cancer called likes to throw these petitions up against anything Confederate (in accordance with the war declared against all things Confederate by the NAACP in 1991) and the village idiots in the city council at times takes their polls to heart. 

The poll at the Florida Times union is running 2x1 against changing the name and I would ask all Confederates to take a minute and click the link to the paper and vote against the name change to show our solidarity in this political correctness run amok.

We defeated the NAACP here in Lee County Florida just recently and now it's time to speak up regarding the honor of General Forest. 

Deo Vindice

Kevin Carroll, Florida

PS: God bless the Flaggers!