Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Battle For Our National Cemeteries


We take justifiable pride in our Confederate forebears, men and women, who sacrificed their all for the cause in which they believed. The Confederate soldier won the admiration of the world by his courageous fight against an enemy overwhelming in numbers, equipment and implements of war. With few exceptions they were volunteers who fought for principles of government in which they believed. Although defeated, they left us traditions of faith in God, honor, chivalry, and respect for womanhood; they left us a passionate belief in freedom for the individual. Our Confederate ancestors bequeathed to us a military tradition of valor, patriotism, devotion to duty, and a spirit of self-sacrifice.

When our nation no longer admires and pays tribute to these traditions, we will no longer remain a free nation.

That is part of the introduction that every SCV member was read before they raised their right hand and took the oath to become a member in the Sons of Confederate Veterans. The last sentence in bold is a warning, and we are seeing that warning come to light. Every Southerner and Free American has to fight against the cultural genocide that is blanketing this country as we speak. A call went out yesterday to call your US Senators and Representatives and you must continue.

I urgently request that you contact a US Representative today and tell them to vote no and ask for a written reply back. Please use the links below to help with the phone numbers of your members of both the Senate and House.

Below is a story of what has gone on since yesterday's vote. We have a voice and ours is of reason and sensibility.

Report All Heritage Violations at
Deo Vindice!
Charles Kelly Barrow
Sons of Confederate Veterans