Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Missouri State Guard Flag coming down at Lexington


I just spoke with Commander Maples and am sending this out on his behalf. Commander Maples has spoke with Rep. Warren Love, who is an SCV Member and Mo. State Rep, about the Missouri State Guard Flag coming down at Lexington. The order to remove the flag came down to the Lexington site from the head of the Missouri State Parks-Bill Bryan. He takes his orders from the Department of Natural Resources, who takes their orders from Gov. Nixon. 

Here's what our starting response will be, please hammer your State Reps and Senators, and the Governor's office complaining about the removal of the flag. I would suggest to tell them that you will not be disenfranchised as a voter and it's not acceptable to not have representation.  Also, that  while there is a State statute that says only the US, Missouri, and POW flags can fly at State owned facilities, there is also something called the status quo, in this case the Missouri State Guard has flown at Lexington for years with no complaints. And since it has been flying all along, that is the status quo. The Governor has changed the status quo with no debate, public comment period etc. Be blunt, tell them to put the flag back up, and that you will not allow further attacks on our families, history, heritage, and that you won't allow our history to be erased or lied about. You could also urge them to pass legislation that protects all monuments, flags, historical sites to be protected. We've urged this for 15 years now, and they've sat on their duffs and never brought it to the floor for a vote, and now everything is under attack due to their lack of action. 

Here is a link to find your State Rep and Senator:

Call him or mail letters to: Office of Governor Jay Nixon
P.O. Box 720
Jefferson City, MO 65102
Phone: (573) 751-3222

Last, Commander Maples says he will call for an emergency executive cancel pretty quick. If Camp Commanders could be prepared to be there that will be great, so look for a message from the Commander soon on that. 

Feel free to send this to friends and supporters of history, heritage, Veterans and freedom of speech. If there are those that read this that don't care about the rights of Confederate Descendants, stand with us, because sooner or later the tyrants will come after something you do care about! To defend Confederate Veterans, who are American Veterans by Federal Law, is to defend all Veterans. 

For Commander Maples, Missouri Division SCV Commander
Larry Yeatman, Commander, Missouri Society MOS&B