Saturday, July 18, 2015


What Kind of people are these? They protect and cherish their own heritage while obliterating that of another. Honored emblems of valor no longer have their place in the wind. Monuments that have stood for more than a century are in peril and now they've gone to digging up dead bodies and moving them around. Are these the people, owners of the same voices that have long called so loudly for civil rights, equality and tolerance?  Indeed, they are the same liberal vermin that have slithered from beneath rocks of socialism for years.

Apparently the watchmen who have kept these vile designs at bay for generations have been replaced by legions of complacent Southerners who are not worthy of that title, nor a precious heritage - who will go along with most anything.

That may be - for now. If there is a certainly in this world, things change and they change back again. You will never eradicate the birthright from my heart without removing the heart itself. Rejoice while you can you smug vandals of America and the equally misguided world. The same "noble" creatures who now seek to deny an entire people the rights they, themselves,  so champion will not stop with removing the Cross of St. Andrew from public view. They seek to "cleanse" your museums and historical sites. Mark my words, these same people will one day be back to banish your pastors, burn your Bibles close your churches, and yes - dare we say it - haul down "Old Glory." Will you then think it is no big deal and just a Southern thing?

John Wayne Dobson
Macon, GA