Saturday, July 4, 2015

Just a short update from Commander Maples


Just a short update.  I want to take this opportunity to thank you and to commend all of you and your camp memberships for staying steadfast in defending the flags and symbols of our Confederate ancestors, and for staying firm in your defense of our Confederate ancestors themselves.  It has been quite a ride the last week or so to be sure.  Although I am still getting a few contacts from the media, it has now waned considerably... thankfully.  I'm pretty tired - at least mentally... making sure I'm saying the right things, etc.  But - we're hanging in there.  I want to tell all of you to keep the faith - we speak the truth and truth can always be defended. 

Again, thanks to all of you for your words of support and for your prayers.  I am so proud of the MO Division and of you -- my Compatriots.  Blessings to you all.

Darrell Maples - Commander

Missouri Division - SCV