Sunday, July 5, 2015

Commander in Chief's Statement on Church Burnings

The Sons of Confederate Veterans is very concerned with the stories of recent burnings of Christian churches in our beloved South.  We strongly condemn any acts of violence or vandalism against houses of worship and their parishioners.  That the recent acts of violence seem to be targeting churches with large black memberships, and occurring in the South, is deeply disturbing to us.  We join all Americans in condemning any acts of arson or other acts of violence against all churches and their members and any message of intimidation that such actions might imply.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans is a heritage preservation organization dedicated to preserving the memories and heritage of our Confederate ancestors who fought and, in many cases, died during the War Between the States.  We condemn all acts of racial violence.

We stand with our Christian brethren of all races when their houses of worship are attacked and assaulted. If local law enforcement and fire marshal investigations determine that any of these churches were intentionally  burned or damaged by arson or other malicious acts, we will stand with our Christian brethren and fellow Americans and support wherever we can the efforts of local law enforcement to catch and punish the culprits.

Charles Kelly Barrow
Sons of Confederate Veterans