Monday, July 6, 2015

Call Alabama Gov. Bentley!

Call 1-334-242-7100 in Alabama and tell Gov. Bentley to put the Confederate Flag back!


There is a very nice lady answering the phone, taking your polite, ladylike and gentlemanly remarks.  Gov. Bentley has set this phone line up to get public comments.  PLEASE REMEMBER to be courteous and express yourself without curse words or without any slurs of any kind!!!!!

I just called and spoke with the lady and she is extremely nice and interested!  Call her and chat!!!!

It seems that the Bentley Administration in Montgomery is keeping tabs on just how many people are expressing their views regarding the removal of the Confederate Flag from in front of the Confederate Monument.

We need to fill their phone lines with our thoughts. We are asking EVERY member of our Division to call the number listed below and voice your opinion. You will not be questioned or interviewed, just given the opportunity to express your view.

If, during all this attack on the Flag, you have asked yourself, what can I do? Well, here it is. Call!