Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Confederate Flag

From: cscitizen@windstream.net
To: ghanner@thestclairtimes.com

To the Editor:
For the last couple of weeks it's been interesting & upsetting to watch the white liberals & black activist clamor for the banning of everything Confederate. Some have even carried this modern day form of Nazi book burning so far as to call for the banning of the American Flag & the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C. What`s to be purged next in Obama`s United Socialist States of America`s Stalinist purge?
The difference from my side of the fence as compared to theirs is, if I do not like something, disagree with it or it offends me I live with it because I know its history & everyone sees parts of history as good or bad but, its still history & history should not be rewritten, censored, banned or changed in any form.
The left which declares itself to be tolerant, inclusive, diverse & welcomes everyone in is a lie. They only feel this way if you agree with everything they believe, want the same thing`s they want & are just like them. Otherwise, they do to those with different likes & opinions as they accuse the other side of doing to them. Which blows away their claims of inclusiveness, tolerance & being a diverse group with room for everyone & where every race, creed, color & religion are welcomed. So long as you like or hate everything they do.
It's clear to me the left does not understand or does not want to understand that being a real American means to live & let live & if you want respect you have to give respect to others, their history & symbols even if they offend you. Every nationality in America has a different background, history & culture. If those on the left refuse to understand this then it is they who are the threat to the social fabric that makes this country America.
The left has an agenda to push using everyone, their history, culture & symbols against them. Obama, with the lefts help, has fundamentally transformed America into a racial pressure cooker with little hope left for anyone. The rest of us just wish to be left alone to be Americans so we can celebrate & enjoy America`s differences, not ban them. This includes Southerners who are a part of America & the things that are theirs as well.

Billy E. Price
Ashville, Al.