Sunday, July 12, 2015

Confederate Heritage

Good Morning Elliott's Scouts, 

I have been involved in several discussions, meetings and events in regards to attacks on our heritage. The question is "what can we do" and this is your opportunity to take action and help. Sign the petition as a first step.

Anyone can sign the petition but what we need most is Missourians because each State is going to have to take action in their own state if we are to have success. It doesn't stop with the flag and our monuments are now under attack as well as our reenactment hobby or passion.

Please solicit others to sign the petition and do it now!
I just signed the petition, "Missouri State House and Missouri State Senate: Protect and leave in place all existing Civil War monuments - both Confederate and Union - as well as all Civil War flags and/or flag displays, and to restore all Civil War flags that previously flew or monuments that were in place at historic sites.."
I think this is important. Will you sign it too?

Here's the link:

Thanks and get the word out!
Trooper Bob Capps