Sunday, July 5, 2015


Our progress is slow on the "Odious Blight on the Universe" Petition. I know we are all a bit shell-shocked and there is a lot to respond to and follow.
But we have an opportunity to "put the Skeer on"!
The NAACP has decided what our flag means and have told everyone that will listen that it is a hate symbol.
They must be called to task for this. Politicians are followers NOT leaders...Give the SC Legislature some cover in standing strong on the SC monument.
SC was courageous in 1860, let's help the politicians be courageous now.
If you love the Constitution, freedom of speech, and are opposed to hate speech, you should sign this petition.
Politicians are followers not LEADERS. We are the people, LET'S LEAD THEM.
Please type up an email and forward it to your friends, family, veterans groups, history clubs, lineage societies, and ask that all fair minded Americans stop the hate and ask them to sign this petition:
Remind them that the Thomas Jefferson monument was vandalized. That calls have been made to remove George Washington Monuments, the New Black Panther party is calling for death to all whites.
The battle lines have been drawn, and good fair-minded people must decide. Are they going to allow hate to rule? Or are we truly a melting pot allowing diverse cultures to honor their heritage?