Sunday, July 12, 2015

News Flash:

I WILL BE VISITING my House member's office Thursday with a flag & plan on being there for an hour or so conducting a flagging. Call your US Senator & Congressmen telling them about the BAN ON CS FLAGS in National Cemeteries.



I was asked to compile talking points. The NAACP's 1991 "Odious Blight" Resolution is a focus point in our defense as it puts the NAACP into a defensive position and I believe is an easy target as it's simply not true. If we can gain allies to question this resolution and poke holes in it along with their additional comments of remove monuments, dig up graves, ect may spur the public to question their entire motive. Focus on this as the fruit is ripe on this specific tree……….

If you need assistance, let me know. Also, drop your letters & views into as many media outlets (newspapers, radio, TV, cable, Social Media, ect) as possible as this topic might be the spark to ignite a fire of accountability; something the NAACP is afraid of and never had to deal with before……….


Talking Points that MUST be Dissimilated…….. Please work into your letters & speeches

By 1st Lt CMD Phil Walters Judah P Benjamin camp 2210 Tampa If I can assist, drop me a line

The NAACP's 1991 "Odious Blight" resolution must be our #1 topic of discussion because:

  • It's a fraud, nothing contained in it is true
  • It's the root of "Destroy All things Confederate"
  • Offers an easy target to put the NAACP on the defensive
  • Can be "ripped" in very short order on multiple fronts
  • Gives like mined folks, not overly fond of our symbols , something to "grab a-hold" of  with a common cause

To Defend "Treason":

  • Show me the trials for Treason., High Crimes & felonies:  you must FIRST charge, arrest, try & convict. Where? When? Who? They don't exist
  • Supreme Court Chair Salmon Chase in letter to President Johnson: To hang the CS leader you must charge & try them. What they did was Constitutional. In any semblance of a fair trail, no convictions. Again: Show me the convictions.
  • Confederate Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines are American veterans designated by an act of Congress in U.S. Public Law 85-425: Sec. 410 approved 23 May 1958. "Odious Blight" is desecrating these American Veterans. Gain support with other Veteran groups and ask them to stand with us.
To link the "Odious Blight" of slavery to the US: Use Roger Broxton's  "Lincolns Tax War" (attached files-save & use)  and:
  • Why did the slaves in the US not gain freedom until after the War?
  • Why did West Virginia enter the Union with it's slaves intact in 1863 if the war was a crusade to end slavery?
  • Being "Intellectually honest" the US is just as complacent as the South in the slave issue so Washington, the Founders, the Constitution and old Glory are next. Additionally, so is Africa and  the African Kings engages in the slave trade.


  • Politicians are RUNNING to STAND with  Progressive Socialist Leftists when they stand behind the "Odious Blight" definition of remove all things Confederate as propagated by the NAACP.
  • They even want to ban the "General Lee"……………
  • The NAACP has stereotyped all things Confederate. I thought the Civil Rights movement was against stereotyping and discrimination. They paint with a broad brush destroying much goodness in the process
  • The NAACP has become the "Bullying" discriminators that they fought against 2 generations ago.
  • They are calling for removal of century old monuments and exhuming bodies? Really? Is this what's in store for the Founders too? Since there's no truth behind the "Odious Blight" where does a rational person see an end?
  • Who the NAACP to define "All Things Confederate" and what criteria did they use?
  • This is the same folks from the top of their leadership down that has propagated the proven lie "Hands up, Don't shoot."
  • Dr. Martin Luther King would not have approved of this resolution. It was a contentious proposal at their 1991 convention and the NAACP lost members over it.
  • Rather than divide, we should all CELEBRATE the story of the African in America: from slave, to freedom, to citizen, to equality to the highest offices in the land. This is UNPARRELLED in WORLD HISTORY and why people die attempting to come to the US. This was not accomplished by an evil people so why assault our ancestors?

Capt. Phil Walters
Dixie Gator Trappers
Sons of Confederate Veterans-Life member
Safari Club International-Life Member
National Rifle Association-Life Member