Monday, July 6, 2015

Another Opportunity to Save Historic Battle Land

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Parker's Revenge 2015
Save Historic Lexington and Concord!
Captain John Parker’s first stand against the British regulars on April 19, 1775, ended badly. Seven of Parker’s 70 Minutemen were killed on Lexington Green, and several others were wounded. Rather than accept defeat, Parker rallied his men and lashed back at the enemy. When the British regulars returned from their unsuccessful errand to Concord, Parker’s men—and many other militiamen then mobilizing—were waiting for them. Concealed on a rocky hillside, the Minutemen ambushed the Redcoats, staggering them with a well-aimed volley. The outnumbered Massachusetts men couldn’t hold out for long against the British regulars, but Captain Parker had gotten his revenge. The American Revolution had begun.
The crucial part of the Battles of Lexington and Concord, known as Parker’s Revenge, is an incredible chapter in the story of the Revolutionary War. Today, Campaign 1776 announces an unprecedented effort to raise $141,500 to save one of the last remaining preservable acres from the pivotal battle. This prospective land acquisition, along with a new initiative to conduct battlefield archeological work to pinpoint the action in that area, will provide significant historical insight into the birth of our nation.
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