Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Veterans Day/Knoxville and Asheville


Once again I would don the uniform of the Southern soldier and make my way to the City of Knoxville, Tennessee where the American Legion Post # 2 in complicity with the City of Knoxville would once again place itself above the law in banning the Sons of Confederate Veterans and their Colors from the Veteran Day Parade.

I could join the feel good atmosphere that had to be felt from Mrs. Lisa Thomas and all those wonderful people to include the Past Commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Ron Jones and his predecessor the Honorable Scott Hallesq of the Knoxville Camp of the Sons, and the many ladies from organizations that I cannot mention who came out with the Southern Flag to protest this injustice to an American soldier. And who all received accolade after accolade from those citizens and participants to include the wonderful 4th grade teacher who would have her entire class pose for pictures with us as had so many others. It was because at the end of the day, the realization would set in that nothing had changed. American Legion Post # 2 in complicity with the City of Knoxville would continue to discriminate against the Southern Soldier.

There can be no straddling of the fence in this matter. There is only three choices: (1) All Southern Veterans refuse to participate in this Parade. (2) File a Content Discrimination lawsuit against the City of Knoxville and American Legion Post # 2. (3) All Veterans refuse to join or support the American Legion organization.

I would leave Knoxville and return to my home in Asheville and post the Colors over the overpass of Interstate 40 to the delight of so many who would respond in a show of love as they honked their horns, took pictures of me and so many who would even get out of their cars and hug me and thank me for remembering an American soldier from the Southland of America. In closing, I would like to thank young Max from Temple Baptist Academy in Knoxville for the beautiful card that he presented to me that read:" May God bless you for your service to our country I wish the same for the Confederate soldier who did the same. God bless you.
Your brother,