Wednesday, November 27, 2013

This gripes my...

Dear H.K.,

I will never understand why anyone who hates the south so much can still claim to love the United States. General Pickens, Francis "Swamp Fox" Marion and so many southerners secured independence from England for the United States.

Likewise, Texans fought Mexico as a Republic (not as a state) and won the west, only to join the union and submit to abolitionist militant rule in the Kansas-Nebraska Act. John Brown, a failing wool tradesman fought there to lock out southern states from expanding west. Then when he incited a militant insurgency at Harpers Ferry arsenal against the U.S. Gov't, his dislodging from federal property was with the aid of such honorable men as Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis's presence.

Mindlessly, when the south seceded, the Union Army idolized John Brown' cause and played their allegiant song " The Ballad of John Brown", later changed entirely to "Glory Hallelujah".

Talk about turncoats, Lincoln was a friend of Brown and a split-tongued politician who advocated war in his debates to end slavery while stating to southerners "we must not disturb slavery in the south as it exists.

Lincoln had to hurry to get his war as he lost his tax base of the great African slave, crying out "who will pay my tax" as he saw state after state secede.

Not-so-surprisingly, Lincoln killed a slave trader as a political stunt after secession, although the only intercontinental illegal and murderous trade being carried out was from New York and New England ports.

The Smithsonian Magazine of June 2007, starting at page 58, is quite revealing and claims the illegal trade carried on through the mid 1880's under yankee rule during the reconstruction by carpetbagger, and brutal industrialists who saw children as mere chimney sweeps in a form of slavery by another name.

Let's talk about traitors and compare the atrocities of the northern invaders like Beast Butler who mandated rape toward unwilling southern women working in a garment mill, who disappeared as sex slaves for his yankee troops, never to be heard from again!

Although being born in Ohio, the birthplace of Ulysses Grant, William Tecumseh Sherman and the Nimrod himself, General George Armstrong Custer, who, when he wasn't slaughtering native Americans he was killing buffalo by the score along with many other innocent wildlife for the mere sport.

Let's talk to these men about the treacheries of Sherman's March against civilians and watch them squirm in their own pig dirt.

The union was lost, and rightfully so until the invasion that ruined life for free and slave African Americans who had a home: many of whom stayed on the plantations to work with their former masters with loyalty, love, and respect.

They never sold out to the invader, and after 36 years I can say I have been a brother to such men accordingly. I only wish the liberal north would keep their corrupting influence of segregationist indoctrination by psychological manipulation for their own kind...but no! ...they sent their scallywags to drive a wedge between black and white southern and created the Federal Jim Crowe Laws to drive that wedge even deeper, only to blame the south for its imposed existence.

If ever there was a traitorous lot in the south, it was forced on the south by such policies of federal imposition through the groomed scallywags in the Supreme Court.

I have more to share, but time is failing me this evening.

Til Another time, Brother

Kenneth Coultrap

Seneca, SC

Dear Ken,
I appreciate the history lesson that I now know so well, and shall it share with others.  However, the one thing that stands out in my mind as a former President of the NAACP was just how much the White Yankees wanted to occupy the South in the 21st century. They were very braggadocios about the success in getting Southern Blacks to attack the Southern Cross because all they had to do was to say slavery, and compile that with the fact that Blacks knew very little history, and could be led in any direction that they so chose by laying the blame of the United States involvement in, and any atrocities associated with the economic institution of chattel slavery solely on the Southern White man.

And it came to pass that with the aid of the Poverty Pimps whose personal and organizational coffers were filled; " Southern social, and cultural genocide began with the attack on the Southern Cross in Columbia, South Carolina, and spread to Jesus Christ and the teachings in his Bible, with cross hairs now on the Star of David, just as predicted by the Honorable Attorney Kirk D. Lyons as he delivered the keynote address in the slave section of the Taylor family cemetery on the grounds of the prestigious Asheville School".

We now find ourselves just like our ancestors; in the middle of a war with scant resources to battle a man who made himself rich off the spoils that he stole to include the education of our children through his schools, and the beating down of them in the judiciary, if they dare raise their heads in any sign of memorableness to their ancestors and the Colors they so honorably bore. And as if this is not bad enough, they use Southern Blacks whose ancestors freed or indentured remained loyal as the weapon of choice against a man who their very own ancestors called family and friend in lieu of all the things happening in the body politic of their time. It is an American injustice of huge propotions. God bless you.
Your brother,