Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The closing of the Confederate Museum

Southern Patriots.

If you never had the opportunity to visit the Museum of the Confederacy than you may not appreciate how important the closure of this memorial to the South is.  Questions quickly rise as to the future of the many artifacts in the possession of the museum?  How will they be disposed of?  Will they be sold off at auction?  Or will the collection remain in tact and put away in storage?  What is the purpose of the small extension site at Appomattox?

The light shines clear now.  The extension that was created at Appomattox was typical of those who prosecute a Culture War against the South.  Now, new generations can see the Confederacy where the "portrayed" last gasps of the life of the Confederacy occurred.  While the last days of the Confederacy were still months off when General Lee surrendered, most Americans because of the "shaping" of history believe Lee's surrender was the end of the war.  And so that general erroneous belief reinforces the symbolism of placing that extension at Appomattox.

But there is so much more to the closure of our museum.

We can only assume that the closure of the museum sets a clock ticking to the destruction of the Confederate White House in Richmond!

Patriots for years I have been writing and speaking about the need for an old South political arm.  In previous years these clarion calls have been for political activity focused around bringing the values of the South to the fore in today's Culture War and political battles.  I was rejected by those in the DEC within the Texas Division, S.C.V.  Even though the membership had elected me as 1st Lt Commander of the Division in charge of Heritage Defense I was at first censored by the division commander.  When I would not be silenced, I was charged and expelled from the division.  Texas is a granny division, and not just one or two, but throughout their DEC.

I retell this story to prove my vision and relevance to what is occurring now.

There are those within the SCV who share my sense of urgency with respect to what needs to happen.  There are those who know that the SCV has failed repeatedly to live to the Charge.  The weakness of the SCV, UDC and MOS&B could not be more clearly demonstrated than by the closure of the Museum of the Confederacy!

Though critical of the organizations, there are individual leaders within the organizations, and many within the membership whom share  my devotion to "vindication" of the Cause.  I will not make lists here, but there are very devoted leaders who may be a little wiser about how they present themselves then I was.

In any event, I offer to you Southern Fried Ramblings with All the Grits and Fixins as a source of information you can use in your talks, writings, and thinking about the current Culture War.  In addition, I offer myself as a speaker to your group or organization.  There has never been a more critical time to organize and raise your organization's status to Combat Ready when it comes to battling in the Culture War.

This Culture War is not just about the South, but it starts with an attack on Christianity, the Constitution, the ideals of the American Way which would include state sovereignty, etc.  If you want to be a part of those fighting for the South, let's talk.  My book would be a great Christmas gift to the members of your camp!

I hope I will hear from you.  Let's work together, let's strategize and work towards rallying the South.

God Bless the South,

Mark K. Vogl