Monday, November 25, 2013


1. Did you know on May 4, 1861 almost the entire student body and many professors formed ranks on the grounds in front of the Lyceum as they left Ole Miss and enlisted in the Confederate Army? This body of students and professors formed Company A of the 11th MS Infantry, and were part of Lee's Army of Northern Virginia. MS seceded the Union on January 9, 1861 and this body of men answered the call of their state faithfully as they served in some of the most bloody battles of the War between the States, including Gettysburg. This company are called the University Greys.;view=1up;seq=1

2. Did you know the University Greys suffered 100% casualties at Gettysburg? Every single soldier was either killed or wounded. The most well known of these men is a young student named Jeremiah S Gage. As Gage was dying he asked to write his mother; he told her that he died like a man, and that he was sorry that she and his sisters were "...robbed of my worth whatever that may be..." Gage's Dad had died and he was the man of the family. The University houses the Gage family collection of letters and you can visit the collection here:

3. Did you know the ROTC cannon used at Ole Miss is named for Mary (Mollie) Wendel, the bethrothed of Jeremiah S. Gage? There is a bronze plaque on the cannon that reads, and affirms for whom it is named.

4. Did you know that Congress declared in 1958 that Confederate Veterans are American Veterans, and as such are entitled to the same benefits and respect as every other American Veteran?

5. Did you know that the Confederate Battle Flag never flew over any Confederate Government? It is the SOLDIER'S Flag, and the one the soldiers carried into battle. Although the design was incorporated into other flags, it was never a "national flag" of the Confederacy.

6. Did you know that in the early part of the 20th century, a hateful, racist organization known as the KKK marched with the U.S. Flag? Shortly after that, they stole the Confederate Battle Flag and wrapped their hate in it. For far too long, evil people have lied and misused the honorable flag of our veterans. It stops NOW!

7. By removing and banning the Confederate Battle Flag the Univeristy of Mississippi have further dishonored our Fathers and publicly insulted every other American Veteran. The Mid South Flaggers speak for those who have no voice. Join us in denouncing the cowardly actions of politically correct bullies, as we urge the University to RETURN THE FLAG AND RESTORE THEIR HONOR!

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