Monday, November 18, 2013



The battle with the State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection is on going. Our Compatriots in the Sunshine State need our assistance. After a brief period of 'public comment' the powers to be have decided to move ahead with the "Special" Federal Monument on the hallowed ground where Confederate forces defended Tallahassee, Florida from capture by the invading Federals.  Thank you to those who wrote to Governor Scott and their Legislators, but we must do more.
Please review the following and participate in EVERY way that you can:
 Vote for Proposed Monument Site
- Please go to the State's Monument site selection web site today, Monday, November 18th (the deadline) and vote forF5
.  In the opinion of the Florida Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans, the best area for it to be located is... F5. Please do NOT choose another location, as it will reduce the desired effect.   
You may identify your "Group or Organization" as the Sons of Confederate Veterans, SCV.   
2.        Attend December 2, 2013 Public Meeting - Florida Division Cmdr. Jim Davis is calling to "Fill the house" for this meeting to discuss the possible locations of said monument.  This is a large room and we MUST FILL IT to standing room only!  Please attend if you are able and bring many friends and family. 
 DATE AND TIME:  Monday, December 2, 2013, 6:30 p.m. (EST) PLACE:  Columbia County School District Auditorium, 372 West Duval Street, Lake City, Florida 32055
3.       Sign the On-Line Petition - An online petition has been created.  Please sign it and forward it to friends and family to sign also.
4.      Email Florida Governor Rick Scott - Numerous emails received by the Governor's office were considered during the "public comment" period.  Sadly, many of these emails were tagged as 'out of state".  We NEED more IN Florida emails going to the Governor.  Do you have friends/family in Florida?  Write an email for them and forward it to them and ask them to send it. 

E-mail link:
Message:  Ask the Governor to intervene in the Department of Environmental Protection's wrong-headed decision to authorize a 'special' monument at this unique historical and cultural site.  This would be a travesty and must be stopped. The State of Florida already did her duty in erecting a monument to ALL Veterans of the War.  To allow a 'special' monument to one side now is only divisive, disruptive and disrespectful.

Also, please send this request to everyone on your lists and if you have Facebook or Twitter, post it and then share it to your like-minded friends - especially ones IN FLORIDA.
Gentlemen, we have some more actions planned but, as we have learned from Gen. Forrest; we must attack on ALL SIDES!
Let your voice and the voice of your Confederate Veteran be heard!
R. Michael Givens
Commander in Chief
Sons of Confederate Veterans
In 1912 a Monument commemorating the Battle and Forces of Both sides was erected by a Monument Commission established by State of Florida and paid for by private citizens.  The land for the monument was procured by the United Daughters of the Confederacy and donated to the State for this unique historical and cultural park.
'Balanced' text on the Monument erected in 1912 by the Commission established by Florida Law:
"The Battle of Olustee was Fought on this Ground February 20th 1864
Between 5,000 Confederate Troops Commanded by General Joseph E. Finegan and 6,000 Federal Troops under General Truman Seymour. 
The Federals were defeated with a loss of 2,000 men.  The Confederate loss was less than 1,000."
In 2013, the Sons of Union Veterans of The Civil War asked for and received approval for a Darth Vadar-esque obsidian obelisk that, if constructed, would degrade the historical and cultural value of this special site.  Ladies of the UDC discovered the plan, and since September of this year, SCV forces have been trying to reverse the approval.  The SUVCW's rationale is that there is no special monument to Federal troops, however there is a large one on an adjacent parcel that was erected during the Centennial of the WBTS.

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