Monday, November 4, 2013

Florissant Veterans Day parade

Gentlemen - a reminder or first advisement, as the case may be - the Major James Morgan Utz camp in Florissant is participating in the Florissant Veterans Day parade this year, on Sunday afternoon, Nov. 10th and we'd really, really appreciate all the extra bodies who can join us. This parade is big. It's comparable to the one in downtown St. Louis. Please advise your camp members and invite all to come be a part of this event. Bring your camp flags, uniforms and arms.

The parade staging area is the park along Washington Ave, a couple of blocks east of Lindbergh , in downtown Florissant. Starting lineup at 11:00 AM with the parade scheduled to begin moving at 1:00 PM. There'll be refreshments at the end of the parade. If you arrive fairly early you can park around the staging area and there'll be transportation back to your cars. Or if you prefer, you can drive ahead to the Florissant Civic Center, where the parade ends, leave your car there, and a bus will take you to the staging area before the parade. We should be finished by 3:00.

Our unit parade theme this year is remembering the more than 3,000 Confederate veterans from North St. Louis County, which should raise a few eyebrows along the route.
There are quite a few military vehicles in this parade and on display at the Civic Center as well, so children really enjoy this parade. Bring the family.

Please spread the word among your camp members. Many thanks.

Bob Arnold
Maj. Utz camp, Florissant.