Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Richmond is not unique but merely the current example of treason.

Once again we see the people charged with preserving and guarding the South, surrender, almost joyfully, to complete a course we long anticipated of them...through their every denial...that the South would be given up!  What is happening at the Museum of the Confederacy is the rehearsal for the United States of America!  Watch it carefully and you will know treason when you see it again!

When those guardians charged with a treasure surrender, a gift from history, a spirit that is in us is vanquished.  The past becomes more distant, more mystical, more dreamlike as its reality is packed away in the attic.

Are the heritage organizations moving to prevent the loss of the Museum of the Confederacy?  Are they working to at least salvage the collection and create an even better facility under the control of Southern patriots?

The failure of these organizations is an example of what is happening in America, to America.  Did the veterans organizations act to prevent Obama Care, socialism?  Did they act to publicly decry the power grabs by this President?  Are those who claim to be the guardians of American Liberty doing anything about the NSA spying on us, or the IRS obstructing freedom of speech and association?

So if you belong to the UDC, SCV, MOS&B I guess you feel pretty good that your lack of vigilance for the South is comparable to that of all American veterans organizations for this nation.

What's that song?  The night they drove ole Dixie down!

Mark Vogl