Sunday, November 3, 2013


WIRZ MEMORIAL SERVICE AT ANDERSONVILLE GEORGIA. The annual memorial service for Capt. Henry Wirz is hosted by the Americus SCV camp. The service will be held Sunday Nov.10. The Lee county band "A Joyful Noise" will play and sing period Confederate music and Southern Gospel from 2 to 3 PM. The formal memorial service will begin at 3PM. The dynamic and knowledgeable Pastor John Weaver from Fitzgerald will deliver the memorial speech. The Albany SCV camp is helping promote the event again this year. Journalist Carlton Fletcher will publish a pre-event article in the Albany Herald newspaper. All SCV compatriots, UDC ladies, and the general public are invited  to attend. Capt. Wirz was the victim of a farce trial that was a travesty and a dark blot upon the history of the U.S. judicial system. Wirz is a Confederate Martyr and his persecutors are infamous villains and liars.

Contact me for more information or contact James Gaston  ( who is the chairman of the Wirz memorial service and a member of the Americus SCV camp. You may also contact Americus SCV camp commander John Carroll (

SCV Camp 141 Commander
Albany Georgia