Friday, November 29, 2013

Monument at Olustee Battlefield Historic State Park

Dear Chuck:

It is obvious that the Director of Recreation and Parks in the State of Florida will not listen to the concerns of Confederate Patriots as they consider their option to place a Union soldiers monument at the Battlefield of Olustee. I had recently written a letter to Governor Scott expressing the views and concerns of placing that monument in the Park and below is the response from the Governor's appointed spokesmen for that purpose.

It is also not surprising given Governor Scott's determination, earlier in his term, to eliminate the induction of several Confederate Florida Veterans into the hall of fame who served the State, and also in the military, when the   NAACP and its minions discovered that those members on the list to be inducted were "Confederates."

The Palm Beach posted wrote:  "What do Madison Starke Perry, Abraham Kurkindolle Allison, William D. Bloxham, Edward Aylsworth Perry, Henry L. Mitchell and Francis Philip Fleming have in common?

All are former governors of Florida. And all were recommended by the state's Department of Veterans Affairs to be among the first inductees into the Veterans Hall of Fame the Legislature created in the last session.

And one more thing: All were veterans of the Confederate Army.

Abraham Allison stands out, in particular, because he also was jailed after the Civil War for intimidating blacks.

State Sen. Arthenia Joyner, D-Tampa, said in news reports, "This is a good old boy list of good old boy governors. We have Floridians of all colors who have not only earned the nation's highest military honors but some who have made the ultimate sacrifice, yet we're honoring racist governors?"

Fifteen other veterans were nominated, all of them Florida governors. The list, by the way, included the current Gov. Scott, who served in the Navy in the 1970s.

The list has drawn so many objections for who it included and who it left off – there were no Medal of Honor winners, for example – that approval has been withdrawn from the Aug. 2 Cabinet meeting. And Gov. Scott has asked that his name be removed because, he said, it is not proper for a current governor to be on the list.

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Naturally, Scott backed off under pressure from the usual characters who wish to eliminate all things Confederate from our States and this is just another example of their political correctness run amok.

Kevin Carroll/Sovereign State of Florida

The Confederate Society of America