Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hatred of the Confederate Flag


To All:
The answer to those who claim to hate the Confederate Flag & all things related to the Old South because fewer than 5% owned slaves in the South is, then you must hate America as well. All the 13 original colonies allowed its inhabitants to legally own slaves & all were not Africans but, whites & Native Americans as well. By this same premise used against as slaver as their excuse, they must hate all colonial America as well as it was exactly the same social situation as was found in the American South. Neither was based on love or hate but economics as New England shipping companies grew rich from importing slaves.
Had the American colonies been anti – slavery all the slaves in every state would have been freed immediately after the founding fathers had signed the U.S. Constitution & enacted it into law. Before this King George III was emptying his prisons, Shanghaiing innocent victims from pubs & sending defeat foes of England to the colonies as slaves to work & increase his tax base. How is this America or the South`s fault?
Actually, the hatred of the Old South is a front to mask their deeper hatred of America as a whole & everything it was founded on & slavery has very little to do with this hatred. The same liberal mindset found in the north leading up to the War of Southern Independence is the same we face today in national politics. Liberals hate America & the Confederate Flag & the South are just the tip of this iceberg.
We already see signs that they grow bolder everyday with attempts to undermine America`s moral & social fiber with insane unconstitutional judicial rulings & worse, presidential decrees that fly in the face of the founding fathers intents. So, when Americans everywhere hear of liberal attacks on the South, its flags, statues, memorials & heroes remember, these attacks are leading up to a total cleansing & rewriting of all American history & the moral compass which guides it.

In short, you are next so you had better join us in this fight to save not only our heritage & future but, yours as well.

Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama