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Va Flaggers Update 8-12-12 Flagging the VMFA

Va Flaggers Update 8-12-12 Flagging the VMFA
August has been a hot, but successful month for the Va Flaggers in our endeavor to draw public attention to the discriminatory and offensive act of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts of removing the Confederate Battle Flags from the Confederate War Memorial/Pelham Chapel in Richmond, Virginia.  We have continued twice weekly flaggings of the VMFA, and had the opportunity to talk to hundreds of citizens. 
Some highlights from the month, so far: 
Wednesday, August 8 saw a dozen Va Flaggers forwarding the colors on the Boulevard. A pharmaceutical company was holding a convention, and having a   scavenger hunt.  One of the requirements was to take a picture with a motorcycle. Of course, the VA Flaggers (thanks to Va Flagger Tommy Morris) were glad to oblige, provided the flags were included. ;)
Two teams stopped by for a pic and a quick lesson on the Confederate Battle Flag, and the desecration of the Confederate Memorial Chapel by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Conversations were plentiful that evening, despite storms that blew through just before the Va Flaggers arrived!
Saturday, August 11th:  A great day of Flagging at the VMFA today! The weather held off until after we finished flagging. Again we welcomed flagger Everette Ellis, 2nd Brigade Commander of the Va. Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. We were also honored to have Lt. Commander Thomas Clinger of the Gen. Robert E. Lee Camp # 1589.
VMFA officials must be feeling the pressure - they even forced one of the security guards to stand on a fixed post in the Confederate Memorial Park for the whole day just to monitor the Va. Flaggers. He was forced to stand downwind of Jimmy Creech and his world famous hot dogs with sauteed onions and all the fixings!
Changing hearts and minds...
Research by the Va Flaggers has determined that the Anti-Confederate behavior by the VMFA, is not limited to the removal of the Battle Flags from the Chapel.  In a March 31 meeting of the Executive Committee of the Board Trustees, the following motion was made...and carried UNANIMOUSLY...
Motion:  proposed by Mr. Moore and seconded by Mrs. Goode that the Museum is opposed to flying the Confederate Battle Flag or any of its derivatives on the Museum property.  Motion carried unanimously.
This is particularly egregious when you consider that the "Museum Property" they speak of is actually part of the Confederate Memorial Park, as specified in an agreement between the State of Virginia and the United Confederate  Veterans.
Complete meeting minutes can be found here:
"Mr. Moore" is Thurston Moore, President of the Board of Trustees of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  He can be reached by email at:   Send him an email and ask him why he made this motion and why the VMFA continues to dishonor our veterans.
August 23rd-25th:  Sesquicentennial of the Battle of 2nd Manassas.  Va Flaggers will attend the activities on Saturday, August 24th, and forward the colors at the National Park AND the CusterMobile, which is scheduled to be there! 
Tuesday, September 4th:  The Va Flaggers will be the guest speakers at the monthly meeting of the Isle of Wight Avengers, SCV Camp#14, Smithfield, VA.
Saturday, September 22:   9th Annual Richard "Dick" Poplar Day at 11:30 a.m.  Memorial Hill, Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg, Virginia,
Saturday, September 22:  10TH Alabama Marker Dedication Ceremony, 10:00 a.m. Bristoe Station
Sunday, September 30:  Save the date and celebrate the Va Flaggers’ one year anniversary with a family cookout at the home of Grayson Jennings.  More details to follow. 
Saturday, October 27:  Guided bus tour of Stuart’s ride around Richmond.  Sponsored by Edmund Ruffin FireEaters Camp 3000, SCV.
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