Thursday, August 30, 2012

An Open Report from HK Edgerton

An Open Report
On Saturday morning, August 25, 2012, the Founding President , Mrs. Lunelle Siegel, of the Augusta Jane Evans Wilson 2640 Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy in Tampa, Florida would bring me to tears as she presented me with Christian Cross of St. Andrew that had donned the coffin of her husband and that had been presented to her by the Sons of Confederate Veterans.
I would stand before the ladies of the Chapter, and their guest on this morning to deliver the keynote speech with full knowledge that they were as their ancestors were; the heart and soul of the Southland of America, and the focal point of our strength as a people. I had come to speak, but in the end, there was nothing that I could tell these wonderful ladies, but thanks. Thanks for standing by me all across the country, and teaching me as I stumbled over the years making mistakes all along the way. And reminding me as my mom once did, listen son, listen son, and you will learn.
I have listened, and can honestly report that in the Southland of America, as long as there is breath in the body of just one lady that is deemed a United Daughter of the Confederacy, All IS WELL!
I would hope that in this election year that they would consider giving their vote to Ms. Lunelle as she seeks the office of Historian. They would do themselves proud to have her.
HK Edgerton