Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Florida Society Order of Confederate Rose

Florida Society Order of Confederate Rose
Raffle, Raffle, Raffle…… we are endeavoring to raise money for various projects of the Florida SCV. They need to raise several thousand dollars in a short amount of time.   We need to generate as much capitol as we can. I have told Commander Davis he could count on the Rose to help them out, and I will not let them down.  We are raffling a 46” flat screen TV. We will have it delivered or made available for pick up.   It will be purchased through raffle proceeds, the balance of which will go to the SCV for various projects including the Tampa Flag Park site completion.  Please send all monies to Lynda O’Neal she will be the point of contact for all funds. Spread the word….. Lynda will handle all tickets. We  will be sending ticket packets to all chapter Presidents, if you do not want to wait you may purchase ticket rolls yourself and send the sold stub portion to Lynda, Be sure that you capture the name, address & phone of each entrant.  Please let me know if you purchase ticket rolls so I do not send you more. 
DRAWING TO BE HELD NOVEMBER 18TH – JUST IN TIME FOR HOLIDAY BOWL GAMES, or It would really make a great stocking stuffer from Santa!
You have 16 weeks so let’s get busy y’all!  
Lynda’s email is: flrosepres@hotmail.com
Mail to: Lynda O’Neal                 
6112 Garfield St.                 
Hollywood, FL  33024
Tickets are $5.00 each, 6 for $25, 12 for $45 and 24 for $85
Pass the word and let’s get busy.
Having a wonderful day in Dixie and I hope you are too,  
Sylvia Stone Darby
Order of Confederate Rose FL Society