Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Tampa, Florida
Saturday, August 25, 2012
Breakfast from 8:15 – 9:15 $10 (please rsvp) via pingg at:
Business Meeting 9:15 – 10:45
11:00 a.m. Opening Ceremonies & Speaker (lunch off the menu) (We will join the Augusta Jane Evans Wilson Chapter for their meeting and Program, and then dismiss prior to their meeting)
Our first meeting & program of the year will be fantastic! We will work on by-laws, discuss the calendar, recruiting, upcoming events relating to the Republican Party. Please make plans to attend. This is a good meeting to invite guests/prospective members.
The program will be presented by HK Edgerton, past president of the NAACP in Ashville, NC. HK has extensive credentials in educating the public about the true history of the South. In fact, he is the only living person that has earned a place on a Dixie Outfitters "Legends in Gray" tee shirt for his tireless efforts. Known by some as the "Black Avenger", it seems HK is drawn to an attack on Southern heritage like a moth to a flame. When youngsters (he calls them "my babies") are told by school administrators that they can't wear a T-shirt with a Confederate flag (he prefers to call it "the Christian cross of St. Andrew"), or employees are told they can't display the flag in the workplace, Edgerton is likely to show up. You may recall Candace Hardwick in South Carolina and Jacqueline Duty in Kentucky (who was kicked out of her prom for wearing a sequined CBF gown). AND un-miss able he is…he turns heads when he shows up along a road side or in front of a school in a gray uniform carrying one of his many Confederate Flags.
But this is just another day in the life of HK, as he travels tens of thousands of miles a year, for the most part, working off small donations to keep fuel in the tank and tires on the wheels. In 2002-03 he and his brother, Terry Lee, walked 1,606 miles from Asheville to Austin, Texas, carrying his flag. On their walk they raised awareness and money for the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV), of which Edgerton is an honorary member, and for the Southern Legal Resource Center, a nonprofit in Black Mountain, N.C., which uses legal remedies to fight what they call "the current politically correct reign of terror against the Confederate community." This Historic "March Across Dixie" "was something nobody else had ever done," says HK… "a black man in a Confederate uniform. There were black folks posing with me and my flag. It resonated all across the South: this is our [black southerners] Southland too."
HK's program will include a briefing on his recent activities especially the attack on Police Chief Argatha Gilmore in Lake City, Florida because of her welcoming attitude with SCV members during the Battle of Olustee Festival 2012.
This is not HK's first visit to Tampa Bay… some old timers may remember his protest of Daniel Ruth, former opinion writer for the Tampa Tribune. Ruth, discussing the reparations movement in the early 2000's asserted the South 'owed reparations to the Federal Treasury for the kerosene Sherman used to burn Georgia'. HK, joined by dozens of locals offended by the comment, took a stance on Kennedy Blvd. near the Tribune offices, wearing his gray uniform and carrying his beautiful Southern Cross.
Many heads turned when they saw an African-American man dressed in a Confederate soldier's uniform, carrying a Confederate flag. It wasn't a joke!!!! HK Edgerton was in town. HK says the Confederate flag is misunderstood, feared and hated because people are trying to be politically correct - which he says desecrates the honor and real meaning of the emblem. 
Come out to our kickoff meeting of the year and, if you're in luck, we'll be able to convince HK to give his rendition of Dr. Michael Bradley's now famous poem "I Am Their Flag" (note: Dr. Bradley is on our program to speak on his new Gen. Forrest book next year).
At our business meeting, we will work on by-laws, discuss the calendar, recruiting, upcoming events relating to the Republican Party. Please make plans to attend. 
This is a good meeting to invite guests/prospective members
Don't forget to pass this along to prospective members and guests.