Saturday, August 11, 2012

150th Anniversary of the Battle of Independence and the day that John T. Hughes gave his life for the cause.

Death For And At Independence

Confederate Colonel John Taylor Hughes was killed August 11th 1862 during the First Battle of Independence.

John Taylor Hughes was born near Versailles, Kentucky July 25th 1817 the son of Samuel and Nancy [Price] Hughes. As a child the family moved to Fayette, Missouri. He attended Bonne Femme College, and became a teacher. When the Mexican - American War started Hughes enlisted in the First Regiment Missouri Mounted Volunteers. He wrote a book about his experiences which brought him national fame. After returning to Missouri, Hughes became a newspaper editor, school superintendent and in 1854 a Missouri state representative.

Although a strong Unionist, Hughes joined the Confederate leaning Missouri State Guard, along his cousin Sterling Price. He saw early action in the Battles of Carthage and Wilson’s Creek. In March 1862 Hughes took over command at the Battle of Pea Ridge for the wounded Confederate Brigadier General William Yarnell Slack. He spent some time in the early summer of 1862 recruiting for the Confederate army in Missouri.

On August 11th 1862 Hughes commanded his new recruits along with several partisan bands in an attack of the Union garrison at Independence, Missouri. As he was leading a charge in the First Battle of Independence Hughes was shot in the head and died instantly. His troops took the city despite Hughes death. He is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Independence, Missouri.

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