Friday, August 24, 2012

Defenders of controversial Confederate general rise again

To the Editor:
After having read your article, "Defenders of controversial Confederate general rise again" about the stolen bust of Gen. Forrest from Live Oak Cemetery in Selma, Al. you make it seem as if the victims, Friends of Forrest, are the ones at fault because a crime was committed against them.
First of all, like it or not, agree with it or not, General Forrest is a historical figure tied to Selma's Civil War history forever. Unless of course the Montgomery Advertiser intends to help the criminals in Selma who stole the bust of Gen. Forrest re-write Selma's Civil War history.
Secondly, the bust of Gen. Forrest was paid for with private money collected to forge it, no taxpayer money was used. It was placed in a public place of prominence in Selma but, the cry baby juveniles that now control the city government, in their infinite "wisdom" could not stand the thought of being fair, equal & just & present all of Selma's history.
Instead, because they did not/do not personally agree with this part of Selma's history, they started this on going process of hiding, denying & destroying every iota of it having ever existed, a re-writing of history. So they then had the bust moved to Live Oak Cemetery, a less conspicuous place for it, hidden even more from public view.
Yet, this still was not enough so, Rose Sanders & her "civil rights" thugs took justice into their own hands & tried to remove this bust of Gen. Forrest, damaging it in the process. Then sometime later, under the cover of darkness the evil deed of stealing this bust was committed by "someone."
In conclusion, it does not take Dick Tracy to see whom the over-mounting circumstantial evidence points to in this case of Forrest damaged/stolen bust. Had this been a crime committed against a civil rights monument in Selma, the State of Alabama or anywhere in the South, you can rest assured this case would not have been relinquished to a back-burner as it has been. The F.B.I. and S.P.L.C. would be working overtime without a thought to arresting a dozen people to insure they caught the guilty one.
Sadly today in 2012 whites are no longer equal to blacks or justice would be served in spite of black biases, prejudice & bigotry & this case would be brought to a close with all damages paid & the guilty sentenced to prison.
Billy E. Price
Ashville, Al.