Sunday, August 19, 2012

Save 6 Acres at Cedar Mountain on its 150th Anniversary

Civil War Trust

Civil War Trust
Save Cedar Mountain
What Henry Hill is to First Manassas or The Angle is to Spotsylvania Court House, Crittenden's Gate (or, simply, The Gate) is to the Battle of Cedar Mountain. How important was The Gate? It was here that Stonewall Jackson came close to being killed or captured. This is where Jackson's staff made a headquarters of sorts in an adjacent overseer's cabin. Confederate General Charles S. Winder went down, mortally wounded, while personally commanding a battery of artillery at The Gate.
Now we have an opportunity to save 6 vital acres of the Cedar Mountain battlefield on its 150th anniversary. This new tract abuts land that was preserved by the Trust and it fills the fourth corner of The Gate intersection. Join us as we work to save this historic
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Jim Lighthizer
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